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Classic and Regular Car Restorations

At Herzog Automotive, we also have special projects where we have restored classic cars back to their former glory. Our restoration services are not simply masking dents or rust with fiberglass, but specialize in rebuilding the material to factory specs and total restorations giving you and your car top value and show quality.  

Example - 1969 Restoration

In this video (shown on Left) is an example of a restoration project involving a 1969 SS Camaro.  There was extensive rust in hard to reach areas, and to restore this car to factory specs, it required the car be totally dismantaled.

In this video you will get an idea of the detail and work put into restorations at Herzog Automotive.

Each project is unique and different.

Contact us today with your restoration project and we will give you a quote.  Or email us at the link below.



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